“Colin Bishop established the business in 1965”

The Bishop family can trace its ancestry in this area back as far as the 1760’s and naturally many have had connections with the sea. Colin Bishop established the business in 1965 and at that time ran only from Blakeney Quay to Blakeney Point, not the seals. Over time, demand and the siltation of the harbour has meant a gradual migration to Morston quay (see¬†box below) and many more seal trips.
This family run business has two traditional purpose built clinker construction wooden boats and one smaller boat.

All trips now go to the seals and some also land on Blakeney Point. Some charter trips can now also depart from Blakeney Quay, (first time since the 1980’s), but this is very dependent on the tides. This is with our new small addition to our fleet which has a shallow draft and takes up to 12 people at a time.

Don’t forget to collect your tickets from Blakeney Quay.

Colin Bishop retired in 2002, Paul now runs the business with his wife Elspeth. Gary Bishop (brother and graphic designer) does all of the design work including the website, so it is still very much a family business.

We have a holiday cottage in Blakeney, let through the Blakeney cottage company which includes a free seal trip for our guests during our operating season. Please see our ‘stay in Blakeney’ page or full details at www.driftwoodblakeney.com

Paul’s hobbies include photography, specialising in Birds and Wildlife. To see the large collection of bird species (apx 1000) and other pictures including seals, please visit www.bishopspics.com

Paul Bishop

  • Colin Bishop and crew 1965
  • Colin Bishop

The Old Harbour and Map of The Haven 1586